About Us

Here at Universal Food Oven (UFO) we pride ourselves on producing the best quality stainless steel cookers that are value for money in New Zealand! We want nothing more than to see every home with one of our cost efficient, eco & user friendly products.

We are proud to produce cookers that encourage the growth of Kiwi cooking from Hangi steamers to charcoal cookers. 

We vow to continue to grow our product range and we are keen to hear your thoughts so we can produce products YOU want around your home. 

Email us via the Contact Us page or check out our Stockists Page to find one of our knowledgeable retailers near you today!


Company Background.

The inventor of all these UFO products is Wayne Dil who was an engineer based on the North Shore in Auckland, New Zealand. He started making cookers out of beer kegs as a hobby for friends and family. When Wayne's mate Gary turned up to his workshop while sorting out his engineering work with Wayne, Gary spotted these homemade contraptions, couldn't help himself and encouraged Wayne to step away from his engineering job to start making these cookers full time.

Wayne did just that and the both have been flat out making UFO products since that time.


UFO Cooker has now been around for ten years and started with one product called the 'original, cooker'.  

Over the last 10 years the 'original' has been modified and renamed the 'Ultimate cooker' with five new cookers being added to the cooker range alongside a heap of accessories to complete the UFO product range you see today.

Earlier this year the company restructured a little and while the company warehouse is still based in Wairau Valley on the North Shore, the administration has moved to Rotorua, New Zealand.