UFO - The Ultimate

UFO - The Ultimate
The UFO Ultimate can be used as a hangi, roaster, steamer, smoker, baker and BBQ. The principle is based on a stainless steel food oven heated by a twin ring gas burner which is situated beneath the cooker on a heat deflecting stand.
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The UFO Ultimate is ideal for roasting or smoking your meat without the use of a conventional oven! Every time, the meats turn out tender, flavoursome & delicious! The cooker itself looks a lot like the Original UFO but once inside, the stories differ. There is a raised column on the bottom of the cooker allowing heat to rise from the burner giving an easy dry heat of 180 degrees for roasting. It has the additional item of a cup that fits over the column, when you place this cup over the column; you simply add water in the bottom to enable the UFO Ultimate to steam.

There are two stainless steel baskets inside the UFO Ultimate which will cook 25 main meals. They can be laden with food for roasting, steaming or smoking.
Water and/or smoking dust can be added to the base of the cooker depending on the required flavour. The UFO Ultimate Cooker can be turned over; the cast iron base plate becomes the hot plate to form a portable and fantastic little BBQ. The UFO Ultimate Cooker captures the essence of traditional New Zealand cooking in a more modern and less stressful manner.

We even recommend smoking your roast! Simply hang your meat from the hooks provided, seal them on with the disc and clip, and replace the lid to produce succulent, easy and popular roast meal anywhere!

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Traditional Hangi - UFO Style

Corn (in harsh or removed)

Your choice of meat:

Line both baskets with cabbage or banana leaves. Season the meat and cover with cabbage leaves before placing in basket. Cover the whole basket with more cabbage leaves. Line second basket with cabbage leaves. Place cut vegetables in basket and cover with more cabbage leaves. Place a handful of UFO smoking dust into the base of your UFO. Place your baskets into the cooker and turn the gas on to full. Allow 10-20 minutes of smoke time. When you have smoked to your satisfaction, pour 2.5 litres of water into the base of your UFO. (You can do this without removing the baskets – just pour the water down the side of the baskets). Replace the lid and allow 2.5 to 3 hours for cooking. Check the food after 2 hours and adjust the heat accordingly.