UFO - Cold Smoker

UFO - Cold Smoker
This UFO designed cold smoker can be fitted to any smoke box, shed, old fridge, hooked BBQ and of course our UFO cookers or smoke boxes. Fish, Meat, Cheese, Eggs, Garlic, flavour your foods the way you like it. We recommend using wood chips instead of dust.
NZ$ 199.00 including GST
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Using the UFO Cold Smoker is easy to use to attain flavoured food, just how YOU like it. It can be fitted to a barbecue, a cardboard box, a smoke box or a sealed container such as an old fridge to lock in the flavour.

The UFO Cold Smoke Creator MUST be used with smoking CHIP not dust.
We have a wide range of wood chips available including … pohutukawa, manuka, hopi, french oak wine barrel chips

Dimensions: 350mmH x 60mmD

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