UFO Ultimate

UFO Ultimate
The UFO Ultimate can be used as a hangi, roaster, steamer, smoker, baker and BBQ. Based on a stainless steel food oven heated by a twin ring gas burner on a heat deflecting stand.
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The UFO Ultimate Cooker captures the essence of traditional New Zealand cooking, it's versatility means you can roast, smoke or steam your food, creating tender, flavoursome meat every time you cook!  

To steam your food, simply place water into section above the base section. To flavour add water and/or smoking dust into the base of the cooker. To use as a roaster, simply hang your meat inside the UFO Ultimate using the hooks and secure with the disc and clip provided. To use as a barbecue, turn your UFO Ultimate upside down, the cast iron base plate now becomes a hot plate and a portable BBQ. 

The base section of the cooker allows 180 degree dry heat to rise into the upper section of the UFO Ultimate which comes with two stainless steel baskets where you can place your meat, together these baskets can cook up to 25 main meals.  If you are catering for larger numbers, add an Extension and Basket set to provide 13 more meals per basket.

The UFO Ultimate really is the ideal multi-functional cooker suitable for all outdoor cooking.

The UFO Hangi 

A hangi is made up of vegetables and meat cooked together. Potatoes, Kumara, Pumpkin, Parsnip, Carrots, Corn (with or without the husk), Mushrooms, Your choice of meat, Beef, Lamb, Pork, Chicken or Fish.

1. Line both baskets with cabbage or banana leaves. 

2. Season the meat and cover with cabbage leaves before placing in basket, then cover the basket with more cabbage leaves. 

3. Line your second basket with cabbage leaves, then place cut vegetables in basket and cover with more cabbage leaves. 

4. Place a handful of UFO smoking dust into the base of your UFO. 

5. Place your baskets into the cooker and turn the gas onto full. 

6. Allow 10-20 minutes of smoke time. 

7. When you have smoked to your satisfaction, pour 2.5 litres of water into the base of your UFO. (You can do this without removing the baskets by pouring the water down the side of the baskets). 

8. Replace the lid and allow 2.5 to 3 hours for cooking. 

9. Check the food after 2 hours and adjust the heat accordingly.

Once cooked, remove the baskets using gloves or lift handles and transfer to a flat surface for carving or serving.

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