• UFO Ultimate
    The UFO Ultimate can be used as a hangi, roaster, steamer, smoker, baker and BBQ. Based on a stainless steel food oven heated by a twin ring gas burner on a heat deflecting stand.
    NZ$ 799.99
    Out Of Stock
  • UFO Rocket Two In One
    A light and portable unit using water for cooking. When boating you can collect driftwood ashore to use as fuel, cook up your Catch of the Day, then use the hot water for a cuppa or to clean your dishes. An ideal Two in One cooker.
    NZ$ 249.99
    Out Of Stock
  • UFO Carbon Cooker
    A charcoal cooker that adds flavour to your food, its popularity is due to its simplicity to use. Charcoal based barbecuing is ideal for even the novice of outdoors people.
    NZ$ 349.99
  • UFO - Cold Smoker
    This UFO designed cold smoker can be fitted to any smoke box, shed, old fridge, hooked BBQ and of course our UFO cookers or smoke boxes. Fish, Meat, Cheese, Eggs, Garlic, flavour your foods the way you like it. We recommend using wood chips instead of dust.
    NZ$ 199.00
  • UFO Smoke Box - 32 Litre
    This large smoke box is a must for all your smoking needs. The price, quality and size gives a smoky flavour to your meat and other food products.
    NZ$ 189.99
  • UFO Kebab Cooker
    Revolutionising the way you cook your kebabs, this USB powered fully adjustable speed settings to suit your cooking temperature and can be fitted to a barbecue or smoke box. You can cook with gas or charcoal, the choice is yours.
    NZ$ 269.00

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